Thursday, 30 October 2014

Diary entry 2.

 “Life is a bowl of cherries. Some cherries are rotten while others are good; its your job to throw out the rotten ones and forget about them while you enjoy eating the ones that are good! There are two kinds of people: those who choose to throw out the good cherries and wallow in all the rotten ones, and those who choose to throw out all the rotten ones and savor all the good ones.” 
― C. JoyBell C.

Today was another tough day at work. I couldn't concentrate. I had a ton of stock checking to do but my brain refused to add up the numbers. This was down to receiving some really disturbing comments about my blog. They told me I was immature for blogging, that I use it to gain attention, and the worse of all that it was utter rubbish. I don't know who this individual is and I know its just a bored person out to hurt people. I'm not going to let them get to me though and I didn't confront them. People like this seek attention and enjoy getting a reaction. I enjoy blogging and the community it holds. I am making so many friends from this and gaining so much support from people in the same situation as me. There is no way I am stopping and I don't care if its rubbish, at least I am enjoying myself. As with the comments that the post in question was a 'feel sorry for me' post. It definitely wasn't meant to come across that way. I write for myself mainly, to get things off my chest etc. Also I really didn't expect anyone to read it. 

After work, I decided to go for a walk. I had nowhere to go, I just really hated the idea of going home to an empty house. Walks are great, I could go for miles and miles. Being out in the open, in the fresh air really clears your mind. I felt great afterwards, almost at peace. I thought about all the amazing gifts i have. My health, my boys, my dad, my sister, my niece and the niece or nephew that will be joining us soon. Also I have a pretty decent Job which I work very hard at and I know most people would fight me for it. So why was I being so miserable about life?

Where I ended up today. Antony House, Cornwall. 
I ended up walking miles to one of my old hang outs from my childhood, Antony house. You may recognise it from Tim burton's Alice in wonderland. The grounds of the house are so beautiful and peaceful. There was no one else up there today so i was able to sit on a bench and just be. I loved it. 

I have decided that today marks a fresh start. I read through my last entry yesterday and thought to my self 'you need to give yourself a good slap round the face and stop feeling sorry for yourself'. Why am i dwelling on people who hate me and treat me like garbage. They are not worth my time, my tears, or my energy. They have a complete lack of care for me and I will definitely never come face to face with them again. Their opinions, hate and lies shouldn't matter to me. I have so much that i should be grateful for. I also have achieved so much this year. I should be smiling and very proud of myself. I am a strong, independent human being who is blessed with two amazing boys.

Gem xx

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Autumn Tag!


I saw this tag while reading one of my favourite blogs Sailor Jennie and I couldn't resist taking part. I love all things autumn so definitely won't be difficult for me to answer the questions within the tag.

1. What is your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/ Costa/ Cafe nero?
As I am not a huge fan of coffee and tea, I always go for a nice hot chocolate with all the trimmings. I always get excited for Costas honeycomb and cream hot chocolate this time of year.

2. Accessories. What do you opt for- boots, scarfs or gloves?
All of them! I can never leave the house without them during autumn. I'm the worst at being cold. My favourite item if i had to pick one would be my ankle boots I brought recently from new look.

3. Music. What do you love listening to during the autumn?
I love my rock music. I tend to go for more softer, more easy listening rock during autumn. Alter bridge and Paramore have always been on my most played list in my iTunes.

4. Perfume. What's your favourite scent during Autumn?
I don't really change up my scent throughout the year. I know most people do for summer especially but I stick with what i like. I have always worn Viktor and Rolf flower bomb.

5. Candles. Which scent will you be burning this season?
I tend to go for spicy scents. I love cinnamon and apple scents. When ever i light them, people always comment on how they are reminded of Christmas.

6. What do you love most about autumn?

I love wrapping up in my cosy winter coat, wellies and scarf and going for long walks while playing with the fallen leaves. I love the colours and the atmosphere of autumn. 

7. Favourite makeup look?
I am not very brave when it comes to makeup. I should try to go for a more smokier eye and darker lips during this season. I do however like to try a more rosier blush. 

8. What are you looking forward to most during this season?
I am mostly looking forward to Bonfire night. I love the smell of the bonfire, fireworks and sparklers. Also the food on offer during these events. I am really looking forward to eating a hog roast, nibbling toffee apples and sipping cider while watching the beautiful firework displays.

 Plymouth's display, where we will be attending this year. 

This Tag is open for anyone to do. So feel free to answer the questions on your own blog and if you like you can link your posts below. 

Gem xx

Trying to relax. A diary of my day.

Hello ✩

Today I have been thinking a lot about the content I am posting on my blog. I advertise it as our little family diary but haven't really been posting a lot of our day to day life. From today I am going to try and post little diary entries of our lives. I hope you like this idea.


At the moment my children are away for half term, spending time with their dad up north. I find this time extremely difficult especially being a single mum. It gets really lonely at home with no one to chat to in the evenings after work. I miss their cuddles, kisses, and laughter. I keep telling myself 'just a few more days to get through'. Yesterday and today have been the hardest though. I passed my drivers theory test yesterday which I was so nervous about. I couldn't be happy about it though. In fact i felt completely alone. Despite the thirty people who liked my status congratulating me, i wished for an actual human being, someone to be there to hug and talk about it. I ended up tearing up and eventually went to bed early. How silly of me. 

Today, I have been trying to be more positive about things. However, Today is my wedding anniversary. My husband and I split up in the early summer and I have been trying so hard to get over this awful experience. My family have been good not to mention what today is and I have been trying to occupy my self as best as I can. I guess its difficult to get over someone who you considered your soul mate. I worked extra hard at work today and afterwards popped to the shop to stock up on bad foods like chocolate, Pringles and wine. I think I deserve to ruin my diet a little bit. When I was home, I thought I would make the most of being alone. I took an afternoon bubble bath with my favourite Lush bath bomb, Twilight while blasting out the music my children dislike. This  evening, I have lit my favourite candles and curled up with my kitten to watch one of my all time favourite films Labyrinth. 

Gem x

Monday, 27 October 2014

Six Cheap, last minute children's halloween costume ideas


Even though my children are spending Halloween with their dad this year, I still thought it would be fun to come up with some costume ideas. I'm pretty sure if I did have my children, I would most definitely leave their costume to the last minute. I pretty terrible like that. 

The ideas I have found are so simple that you shouldn't have to run out to the shops to buy anything. You even could make them an hour before a party or trick or treat time.

1. Duct tape Skeleton:

Grab a black t shirt and a black pair of trousers/leggings. Using the duct tape, simply create lines in the shape of bones.

image Pinterest

2.  Walking spider web

I saw this idea last year when one of the neighbour hood kids knocked at my door. I thought it looked really good. Again, wearing a black top and trousers simply wrap one of those spider web decorations  around your child.

3. Mini Carl

One of my all time favourite movies is Up. That beginning gets me every time. When I saw this on Pinterest i couldn't help but let out a girly squeal. This is so cute that I'm going to have to dress one of my boys like this.

image Pinterest
I wouldn't bother making a walking frame myself but it looks fairly simple to make. It's the little glasses and balloons that will really make this costume.

4. A Ghost

This is what my parents used to throw on me for Halloween. Everyone has that old sheet in the cupboard that they don't care about.

5. Trash bag witch.

A trash bag can be made into so many different clothing items. You can make a witches dress, a cape and little boots.

6. Bat

If you have an old black t shirt, pillow case or sheet lying around, stretch out the fabric and cut out some  bat wings. Make sure they fit comfortably round their backs, finger tips to finger tips.

Image Truebluemeandyou

I hope those ideas where helpful if you are struggling this year. Let me know if you try any.

Gem x

A beauty review: Vo5 gloss me smoothly shampoo and conditioner

Happy Monday!

I have been using these wonderful hair care products for the past month now and wanted to share my love for them with you. 

What the website states

With extracts of Satin Silk and a subtle fruity fragrance with hints of jasmine and orange flower, this fabulous duo will unlock shine for a sleek and glossy transformation. Your hair will have no choice but to behave!

Unlike most product descriptions, Vo5 actually speak the truth. I have incredibly damaged, frizzy hair which is screaming out for some sort of treatment. The shampoo and conditioner has definitely changed my hair for the better. Here's why: 

As my hair is thick and long, brushing my hair can be a painful experience due to having to untangle all the knots washing has caused. The Vo5 conditioner has eased this for me. My hair is smooth enough to run a brush straight through it, which just shows how amazing this product is. I have also found that after a blow dry, my hair is left smooth and a lot easier to style. I am a busy mum of two attention seeking but lovely boys so dropping down the time it takes to dry and style my hair is extremely helpful to me. My hair is now glossy and leaves that salon finish I love. 

Boots currently have an offer on these 500ml bottles: two for £5 or £3.99 each which is such a great bargain for the product you are getting. 

Gem x

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Visit to Looe, Cornwall


Yesterday was a very sad day for me. It was time to for my children to go stay with their dad for half term. He lives very far from me so it's extremely hard to let them go. I miss them terribly. To cheer me up my dad took me out for a day trip around one of my favourite Cornish towns, Looe.

Looe is a pretty seaside fishing town situated on the South coast of Cornwall. Its is famous for its cafes, shops, harbour and beaches. It has always been my favourite place to visit and have so many memories from my childhood here.

Firstly, we took a little stroll through Looe town. It has some little touristy type shops from galleries, souvenirs, clothing and jewellery. My favourites though are the little cafes and pasty shops. Oh course, we all had to have a Cornish pasty for lunch. They are the best ones I have ever tasted here. 

With our pasties in hand, we decided to go and sit on the beach to enjoy them.

From left: My step mum, step sister, my youngest sister, my dad. 

Greedy seagull

The beach was gorgeous. It was fairly clean other than a giant mound of seaweed in the centre but i suppose that's down to the recent weather. Poor Looe always gets a pretty nasty battering during the autumn/winter months. My younger sister Natalie, built sandcastles and splashed in the sea while the adults chatted about life. I could sit and watch the waves come in for hours. 

After the beach were we all still slightly peckish even after the pasties so we headed for another Cornish favourite, cream teas. These were all eaten up before i could manage to get a photo but were so lovely. 

Crabbers on the lake

We finished our lovely day in Looe at the park. It was a chance for my little sister to burn off the rest of her energy while us adults had a little relax on the bench before heading home.

If you ever get the chance to visit Looe, I would definitely recommend it. Also its neighbour Polperro which is equally as beautiful.

Gem x

My Sunday Photo


This is my sunday photo from today. I had a lovely time with family in Looe, Cornwall eating pasties and enjoying the beach.